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There are seven awards.
- "The Best Actress Award", "The Best New Actress Award", "The Best Video Award"
- "The Best Breasts Award", "The Best of Lolita Category Award", "The Best of Pretty Face Award", "Best of Mature Women Award"
For "The Best Actress Award" and "The Best New Actress Award," choose one from the nominees. For the other five awards, write your choise in the text box freely. Make sure to fill out your information below.

In 2001, there was not a single actress who had a stronger impression than others. However, there were some actresses who maintained theri popularity throughout the year. Miruku Ichigo, Momo Kanda, and Koharu Tohno are some of those fresh AV idols. Ami Ayukawa is an experiencsed actress. Ai Nagase released many videos from Indie labels. She is a dark horse in this year's nominees.

Ami Ayukawa

Miruku Ichigo

Momo Kanda

Koharu Tohno

Ai Nagase

On the other hand, there were many new stars in 2001. Megumi Osawa, a.k.a Yuina Mizuki, made her sensational debut, and so did Asuka Ozora, Ayumi Tahara, Hitomi Hayasaka, and Ai Kurosawa.

Megumi Osawa

Asuka Ozora

Ai Kurosawa

Ayumi Tahara

Hitomi Hayasaka

In last few years, the quality of AV actresses are getting better and better. Some actresses appear in so called "project videos," hardcore videos, and they are more popular than normal actresses who appear in less wild videos. Some of the popular project video series are "Amateur Gals LEVEL A" from EROTICA, "MANIA " from Gorilla Adventure, and "Small Girls' Fuck!" from BAZOOKA.

Name the actress with the best breasts.

Name the best actress in "Lolita Category."

Name the actress with the prettiest face.

Namethe best mature actress.

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