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Winner Milk Ichigo

Second:Ai Nagase
Third: Ami Ayukawa
The Best Actress Award goes to Milk Ichigo! Milk made her debut in December 2000, and she released a video every month throughout 2001. Ai Nagase did a good job considering she released most of her videos from indie labels. Ami Ayukawa has already a strong career and got third.
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Hitomi Hayasaka

Second: Megumi Osawa
Third:Ai Kurosawa
Some said Megumi Osawa would win easily, but she got second. Maybe it was because her video wasn't so hardcore. Knock out beauty Hitomi Hayasaka won the award. One of the best big breast AV idols, Ai Kurosawa got third.
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Small Girls' Fuck!

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Like any other years, so many adult videos were released in 2001 that this award was a tight competition. "Small Girls' Fuck!" was very popular on XCITY and got the award. Sayaka Tsutsumi's lolita appearance and the nonsense stories were rated highly.

Hikari Kisugi

The Best Breasts Award goes to Hikari Kisugi. Hikari's breasts are not the biggest, but so beautiful. Popular big boob idols like Ai Kurosawa, Kyoko Ayana, and Shizuka Ichii got many votes as well.
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Asuka Ozora

The Best Lolita Award goes to Asuka Ozora. She is such a cute girl, yet shows such a sexy face when she gets fucked. There were many votes for non-current AV idols like Buniko Kanazawa and Minori Aoi as they are still popular in many people.

Megumi Osawa

The Prittiest Face Award goes to Megumi Osawa. Since she was a popular model for teen magazine, her debut was so sensational. Ai Nagase, released many videos from indie labels, got many votes as well.
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Mariko Kawana

The Best Mature Actress Award goes to Mariko Kawana. A lot of people expected her to win this award. Surprisingly, Hitomi Kobayashi got many votes, too. She was a pretty face in the early days of AV history, now she is one of the best mature actresses.
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"Mariko Kawana Special Event"
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